Dus ka Dum 2018 Audition and Registration Details

Dus ka dum 2018 Audtitions and Registration online

There’s a good news for all those excited about participating in the much-coveted show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ since Salman Khan is coming back with the third season of the show. For all those who are not aware of what the show is all about, we are delighted to share the fact that Dus Ka Dum is a quiz-based reality show wherein two contestants compete against each other in a best-three-out-of-five format.

Yes, Sony Entertainment Television is coming back with the 3rd season of the show after a long 8-year gap. ‘Dus Ka Dum’ is an adaptation of the international show ‘Power of 10’ and the 3rd season will be again hosted by everyone’s favorite Salman Khan just like the previous two seasons.


This is probably a good news for all the fans and those aspiring to participate in the show since Sony Entertainment Television is all set to launch the 3rd season of the show in July 2018.

The reason why the channel is coming back with the show’s 3rd season is that it helped the channel regain its 3rd position in the Indian Television Rating.

An official source shared that Salman Khan will be shooting for the show promo on February 9 and the makers are working on a mobile app through which people can get the chance to be on the show and the channel will soon release the app.

The reason for the show’s immense popularity is that it gives you the chance to win huge prize money, gain popularity and fame and make your name in the industry.

Dus Ka Dum Season 3 2018 – Audition and Registration Details

Well, for participating in the show, you need to register online and participate in the auditions. The channel has not released any official statement regarding the registration and audition dates and timings.

You must stay updated on our website for gaining knowledge about Audition and Registration details since we constantly update our blog with the latest news and updates. The mobile app has taken the show to another level since interested candidates will have to apply for Dus Ka Dum Season 3 2018 auditions through the mobile app.

We will update our page and provide all the information regarding Dus Ka Dum Season 3 2018 registration and audition details once they are officially released by the channel.

Common people featured in the first season of the show, so, we can expect it to happen in the 3rd season as well.

Dus Ka Dum Season 3 2018 – Show Format and Winner Prize Money

Dus Ka Dum is a quiz-based show and consist of 2 rounds.

First Round

5 Candidates have to compete with each other for the best 3 and are asked some polling questions. Candidates have to answer a number or a percentage that is closely related to the survey poll of the same question. Candidates who give the most accurate answers proceed to the next round.

Second Round

Winners of the first round move to this round and the percentage range of the questions is more narrowed in this round as compared to the previous one. 4 questions are being asked in this round and candidates have to provide answer place on the scale of 0 to 100%. The size of the range of exact answer decreases with the increase in prize money value.

Prize Money

  • 1st Question: Range 40%, Prize Level: Rs. 10,000, Walk-Away Prize: Rs. 1000, Prize If Wrong: Rs. 100
  • 2nd Question: Range 30%, Prize Level: Rs. 1,00,000, Walk-Away Prize: Rs. 10,000, Prize If Wrong: Rs. 1000
  • 3rd Question: Range 20%, Prize Level: Rs. 10,00,000 Walk-Away Prize: Rs. 1,00,000, Prize If Wrong: Rs. 10,000
  • 4th Question: Range 10%, Prize Level: Rs. 1,00,00,000 Walk-Away Prize: Rs. 10,00,000, Prize If Wrong: Rs. 1,00,000
  • 5th Question: Range 1%, Prize Level: Rs. 10,00,00,000 Walk-Away Prize: Rs. 1,00,00,000, Prize If Wrong: Rs. 1,00,000

Dus Ka Dum Season 3 2018 – Terms and Conditions

  • Candidate must be an Indian citizen
  • Candidate must possess a Government Id Proof such as Aadhar, Voter, PAN card or Driving License
  • Candidate must be at least 18 years old and should not possess any criminal record

Stay Tuned to our blog for the latest updates regarding the audition and registration dates and timings.



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